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Introduction to the Taiwan Women Career Development Association

        社團法人臺灣女性生涯發展協會(Taiwan Women Career Development Association)以關懷女性人生各階段的生涯議題,協助女性內在自我的突破與成長,面對當代職場的挑戰,以及擁抱社會文化的期許,讓女性發揮工作與家庭的多元角色,進而對家庭、社會做出有價值的貢獻為宗旨。

        我們秉持WOMEN核心價值-Women 專業女性、Objective 生涯目標、Motivation 動機行動、Energy 熱情活力、Network 連結網絡,為女性提供下列服務,為女性社會力發展營造友善環境。


  1. 辦理女性成長活動,加強女性生涯交流,促進個體經濟發展。

  2. 推廣女性服務社團,創新文化智能與女性成長事務。

  3. 研擬女性成長可行性方案,提供相關單位決策參採。

  4. 舉辦女性成長研習課程,提撥獎勵金培養女性成長人才。

  5. 強化女性成長內涵與國際組織交流。

  6. 安排女性生涯發展諮詢與資源提供等相關服務。

  7. 接受政府或民間團體等委託,或合作辦理各項業務或推展社會企業。 

  8. 其他符合本會設立宗旨或有益國家社會與人類福祉之社會福利服務或公益性相關業務。

面向未來,我們深信:女力時代, 活出自己、家庭美滿、造福社會!

Taiwan Women Career Development Association (TWCDA) aims to care for women's career issues at all stages of their lives, to help women make breakthroughs and grow their inner selves, to face the challenges of the contemporary workplace, and to embrace the expectations of society and culture, so that women can fulfill their multiple roles in the workplace and at home, and then make valuable contributions to their families and society.

Based on our core values, defined using the acronym: WOMEN - Women, Objective, Motivation, Energy and Network - we provide the following services to women and create a friendly environment for women's social development.

Our mission:

  • To organize events that help women strengthen their skills, provide increased career exchanges for women, and promote the development of the individual economy.

  • Promote service clubs for women, innovate cultural intelligence and aid with women's growth issues.

  • Develop feasible programs for women's growth and provide them to relevant organizations for decision-making, allowing women to have a stepping stone to the next step in their future

  • Organize women's growth training courses and provide incentives to cultivate the growth of women's talents.

  • Strengthen the content of women's growth and exchange with international organizations.

  • Arranging women's career development consultation and resource provision.

  • Accept commissions from the government or civil organizations, or cooperate in various businesses or the development of social enterprises. 

  • Other social welfare services or public welfare related businesses that are in line with the objectives of the Association or are beneficial to the national society and the welfare of mankind.


Looking to the future, we believe that in the era of women's power, we can live out our lives, fulfill our families, and benefit the society!









1. 對外讓一般大眾認識協會及其理念,產生良好的公眾信譽,從而使組織穫得長足的發展。

2. 對內累積收集會內各項活動,加以整理報導,分享交流、凝聚共識。





1. 會員資料管理

2. 資訊/檔案維護管理

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